Thursday, May 2, 2013

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This spring break, if you want to dress like the celebs, you’ve got to get the look. This means you have to get up to date with all the bikini types worn by all the famous celebrities. Most of the time they get these bikinis as free shwag at award ceremonies or by designers in gift packages, but for the rest of us, if we know the look, can go out to many of our local retail shops or boutiques and find something quite similar. These bikini styles run the gamut, from sexy, to chic, to fun and even a little old fashion.

Here are some of the hottest bikini types worn by famous celebs.

1.      Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. A lot of celebrities will be wearing bikinis this summer with lots of vertical stripes. This will be an old fashioned look that dates back to the 1920s. With the Great Gatsby movie coming out and a few other TV shows, the 1920s are very in right now. It was an era of glamour, dancing and women were finally able to take off their clothes. So why not celebrate this with a striped bikini?

2.      Tied in the middle. This is another style that you you will see during spring break. A little or big tie in the middle or some kind of embellishment. It could even be a bow. Instead of tying this bikini on in the back, it ties around in the front and is covered by some sort of frilly or fun accessory.

3.      Bikinis with a neck strap will be really hot too – usually in some sort of bright color. These bikinis will have a more of tube top style top and little bit more of a conservative bottom. Nonetheless, the style will be on the beach this spring break and summer vacation.

4.      Floral print will also be really hot this summer. All the celebrities will be wearing floral print bikinis. Either one or two big flowers or an all over print. This bikini is perfect for the Hawaii or the Caribbean.

This spring break or summer, if you want to look like a celeb, try out the above mentioned styles of bikini. It won’t be hard to act the part and you are sure to look like you just stepped off the plane from Hollywood.

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