Friday, November 8, 2013

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Most people imagine having sex in their house – probably the bedroom or maybe the living room or if it can’t wait perhaps the car – you know, the old fashion way.  Could you imagine having sex in the mud, covered in the blood of sacrificed animals?

Throughout history, sex – one of the fundamentals of human functions – has been viewed and explored in a multitude of ways. Sex or procreation has been deemed moral, immoral, praised, designated to certain social classes, and celebrated since the beginning of recorded human history.

For instance, in ancient India sex was as important as literature or art and was studied in school. The Kama Sutra, or 64 arts and positions of love-passion-pleasure were kept as a guidebook much the same way we might keep a cookbook in our bookshelves. 
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In ancient Japan it was the same way and most family picture albums – before the invention of photography – depicted illustrations of the adults of the home making love.

In ancient Greece, homosexuality among men was common and completely socially acceptable.

In ancient French Polynesia, it was totally okay for children to watch their parents making love.

In the Jewish religion, sex is strictly for the purpose of procreation and love must be made within the strict confines of marriage.

In Hinduism, sex is a spiritual act.

In modern times, sex rituals and acts vary across the world and strong differences are seen between Eastern and Western views of sexuality. If you visit Haiti in July, to the waterfalls of Saut d’Eau there is a voodoo celebration worshipping the god of love where people writhe around and make love in the mud covered in the blood of sacrificed animals.

And if you visit Paris and some other French cities and towns, you might find it odd to learn that extramarital affairs are common and mostly accepted. 

Remember, human sexuality has many, many shades around the world. It takes hundreds of years, sometimes thousands to build them, and to the people that practice them they are perfectly commonplace.  So, accept all people and their sexual differences and you might find your own sexual revolution!

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