Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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 Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s about time to pick up a new bikini. Ah yes, summertime and long languorous days by the beach or the pool –the only place and time where you are basically allowed to walk around nearly naked. It is important, though, when you are shopping for bikinis to shop for the right style of bikini that fits your personality. Sociologists have done real studies and show that there are different types of bikini styles for all the different types of personalities. For instance, if you are boring you will naturally go with the most boring bikini style. If you are loud and wild, you will go with the loudest and most wild bikini. Basically we choose the bikini that best match who we are. Here are some other types of bikini personalities.

1.      In one study, it was proven that more outgoing women wore more thong style bikinis. They either wore a spaghetti thong, which is essentially just a strip through the butt that subsequently shows the most junk in the trunk, or something just a little wider. On average, more outgoing women feel the biggest need to flaunt their “natural assets” Bay Watch-style.

2.      Shy girls are known to stick with more one-piece bikini suits with just a little stomach or butt showing. Essentially, shy girls were shy in the way they wore their bikini. I guess if you are more modest, that will reflect in the bikini you choose to wear on the beach in front of a crowd of people.

3.      Out of all the types of bikini styles, creative women chose to get creative with their bikinis. Creative or mysterious women chose a lot of embellishments and chose styles that were more a-symmetrical. Some of these styles are the most expensive bikinis on the market. They are also the bikini types worn by famous celebrities.

4.      More conservatives tend to wear a bikini that does a better job covering up the rear end and the breasts. Obviously, the notion of anything more than cleavage is too much to bear for most conservative ladies. Conservative ladies are also known to wear darker bikinis, which don’t show as much nipple. 

In their study, sociologists studied over 50 different personality types and all wore or had their own type of bikini preference. What does this mean? Well, for the ladies it can mean that you should step out of your box a little and go with something different. For guys, it means that when you see a lady on the beach, pay close attention to her bikini first.

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